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Jay-Jay Johanson: Self-Portrait

By Lizelle Jackson | November 22, 2008

Yesterday I was telling a friend that I tend to like “dark music”, not in the sense of let’s say, murderous industrial music, but just music that tends to be in a played in a minor-key. So I decided to try and look up a definition of what exactly “dark music” is, and what I came up with were the terms, “solitude, melancholy, confinement, and isolation”. Oddly, this is never really the feeling I get form this kind of music. Instead, I would probably use the words “sexy” and “intriguing”, hey but that’s just me :) .

With a definitive cinematic feeling to his music, the Swedish Jay-Jay Johanson‘s newest trip-hop album, Self-Portrait encompasses all of the aforementioned terms. It would have a perfect fit in any private eye/femme fatale film noir movie (think Portishead). Take a listen and tell me what you think…

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One Response to “Jay-Jay Johanson: Self-Portrait”

  1. Dailen Says:
    November 15th, 2009 at 3:17 am

    Quite grand. I’d love a copy of his album to share with friends. Very somber and mysterious, somewhat comparable to Jay McCarrol.