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By Lizelle Jackson | February 16, 2008

resconcert5a1.jpgI was making some cupcakes today so I decided to just put the iPod on random and be done with it. Now, although it is my iPod and I put all the music on it, I am always pleasantly surprised with music that I haven’t listened to for awhile, or may have just skipped over completely. Luckily today I ran into my old friend Res. I haven’t listened to her for awhile, but I went to her myspace and she had a couple new tunes up, so hopefully she is working on a new album. This former model blends rock, R&B, and hip-hop so fluidly that it hard to tell which song encompasses which genre. Yet, in my mind, that is never a bad thing. Check out her first album “How I Do”, it’s a great listen.

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