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Zwicker feat. Heidi Happy – Who You Are

By Lizelle Jackson | January 6, 2010

A nice departure from her mostly folky music, Swiss producer Zwicker gives Ms. Heidi Happy a smooth laid back dance track that everyone can enjoy.

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New J*Davey – “Outta the Window”

By Lizelle Jackson | December 4, 2009

Oooops!  A little late on this one, but who cares?!  It’s finally something new from new from Stereo Cupcake favorite, J*Davey.  I pretty much just peed my pants with excitement.

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31 Free Tracks for the Month of December!

By Lizelle Jackson | December 3, 2009

It’s December, the year is drawing to a close, so of course people have begun to compile their “Best of 2009″ lists.  While for some unknown reason, I simply despise this tradition, there is no reason to not take advantage of all the free music that tends to come along with it.

So…in the spirit of giving, I would like to tell you to head on over to Zero”, and take advantage of the 31 songs they will be giving away for each day in December.  Seeing how it never hurts to discover new things, I think we could all stand to benefit from the nice eclectic collection they have going on over there.

So what’s on the menu for today?  A hauntingly seductive and downtempo remix of the wonderful Miss Andreya Triana’s “The Light”, it comes freshly served to you by none other than Dorian Concept. So hurry on over, as the download codes expire after 24 hours. Oh, and your gonna need this code…6848696831495537.

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NYC Secret Show: Phoenix

By Lizelle Jackson | December 1, 2009

Jealous once again that I cannot go!! Enter to win tix to the secret show at iheartradio.

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The Couch Sessions Presents…A Tribute to Yukimi Nagano

By Lizelle Jackson | November 18, 2009


Considering my love for Koop and Little Dragon, and a huge fan of Yukimi Nagano’s work before I even knew who she was, there was no way I could not post this. A mix by Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q, it highlights a couple of her lesser known jazzy tracks, as well as those favorites from Little Dragon. Big, big ups to The Couch Sessions for this one. Download it here...


1.) Koop – Whenever There Is You
2.) Ge-ology – Blues Alley
3.) Little Dragon – No Love
4.) Quartermaine – Mystic Qool Breeze
5.) Little Dragon – After The Rain
6.) Little Dragon – Feather
7.) Shuya Okino – Pieces of You
8.) Little Dragon – Forever
9.) Koop – Summer Sun
10.) Little Dragon – Thunder Love
11.) Hird – Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix)
12.) Swell Session – The Music in Her Eyes
13.) Koop – I See A Different You
14.) Jafrosax – Drawn 2 U
15.) Little Dragon – Never Never

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The XX tonight at Bowery Ballroom

By Lizelle Jackson | November 12, 2009

I can’t even begin to tell you how hellish this past month has been. My computer died on me, and since Apple loves to make things difficult when shipping to another country, I know finally have my new computer…a whole month later. Needless to say, this is way I have been M.I.A….truly sorry. Another downer was the fact that I had a game the same day as The XX concert here in Switzerland. Someone please go tonight…for me.

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Mocky ft. GZA – Birds of a Feather Remix

By Lizelle Jackson | September 30, 2009

Oooooohhh…I missed this in my inbox yesterday! I LOVE Mocky. More mixes to come….

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Vibes and Stuff September ’09 Selection

By Lizelle Jackson | September 30, 2009


What what! Vibes and Stuff is back with a new mix. Bout to take this new mix, head out on a hike, and enjoy some nature!


Tyondai Braxton – Uffe’s Woodshop

Naomi Punk – The Sun

Beck – There She Goes Again

Deerhoof – Running Thoughts

Metronomy – Love Song For Dog

Elan Tamara – Oh Papa

Zero 7 – Swing

Stricken City – Terrible Things

Judee Sill – There’s A Rugged Road

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Bebel Gilberto ‘All in One’ out today

By Lizelle Jackson | September 29, 2009


By now, I’m sure you all know of my love for Bossa Nova, and Bebel Gilberto is up there at the top of my list. I have been a fan of Bebel Gilberto since I first heard Tanto Tempo aver 9 years ago. Her new album, All in One, just dropped today, and offers more of the same relaxing vocals you know you can always rely on. You can catch one of her two shows (7:30 and 9:30) at The Box tonight in NYC.

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Andreya Triana’s “Angel Lady” on 90210

By Lizelle Jackson | September 22, 2009

Yes, I am a 25 year old and I am watching 90210. This may stem from the fact that my mother denied me the opportunity to do so during my formative years, or simply because I have an abundance of free time on my hands right now and nothing better to do than watch tv. None the less, I now have a much more legitimate excuse….Nic Harcourt is the Music Supervisor. Yes, a total surprise, but now explains how Andreya Triana‘s “Angel Lady” ended up on the show. Let’s hope this opens alot more doors for her music in the US! Check it out…around the 7 minute mark. Oh, and be sure to check out her myspace, she has a nice little remix of “Good Morning What’s New With You” on her page.

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