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Stricken City

By Lizelle Jackson | October 24, 2008

I love Brit Pop…especially the kind i can dance to. I mean sure, there are a ton of indie pop bands out there, all sounding the same, but London’s Stricken City just does it for me. Sometimes you can’t explain the difference but you know it’s there. Maybe its their lax guitar rifts or lead singer Rebekah Raa’s Bjorkish vocals, but it just puts me in a good mood.

Iain, Stricken City’s guitarist, once said that his goal was to get one of their songs on an episode of the OC. So I guess it’s no wonder I can picture this song in an episode of Gossip Girls as the camera pans to Dan Humphrey’s house in Williamsburg. Yeah, I do watch Gossip Girls and I’m not afraid to admit it. As much as it might drain any credibility that I might have had. However, considering Alexandra Patsavas (my idol), is the music supervisor (and was also for the OC), watching the show is more like doing research. LOL…well, at least that is going to be my justification.

Anyways….enough of that. Check out the video for “Tak o Tak”, as well as their single “Lost Art” which will be in stores Nov. 17th.

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