It’s funny how small the music world can be. I was just on myspace checking up on a French musician by the name of Barth, that I had heard of a couple weeks ago. Barth’s sound first struck as being similar to the Beatles if it had been remixed with the soundtrack from the French cartoon “The Triplets of Belleville” Although not a new artist (except to me), I knew that he had a new album coming out so I wanted to check the release date.

I noticed a cool looking gig flyer posted on the site, so I decided to check it out, and glad I did. Turns out to be a pretty cool indie electro pop band by the name My Bee’s Garden with whom I am quickly becoming a fan of.

Upon closer inspection of the flyer I notice that Yoav, who a friend had just informed me of recently, will be joining My Bee’s Garden for a gig in Paris. Yoav’s album which is set to be released in the states on the 29th is unique in the sense that every song is allegedly only him and his guitar with the addition of simple effects. Now that wouldn’t be anything special if what you were hearing sounded like an acoustic song instead of one with a beat that somehow gets you bouncing.