Well this was one hell of a weekend. A cupcake festival was held at the airport and it was super amazing. It was like a cupcake paradise, I think I tried every sort, I could not breathe.

Aside from the delicious threats, my favorite band was performing. I got a chance to listen to “The Scoots” live, as they were promoting their new album.

Sometimes I feel really grateful that I live in a city where everything is possible. After the event, I was pretty worked up about those cupcakes. I started a thorough research and decided to make rainbow cupcakes, with lots of colors, and among the sites with recipes I found out an online slots called Cupcake Rainbow. I mean, I was amazed by the fact that these little chocolaty things are so inspiring that people organize festivals about them, and even make cupcake themed casino games. Tempted by the no deposit bonus they offered me, I gave the online cupcake slots a whirl, and after that I got free spins.

Unfortunately, I did not really had time to play online casino slots, so I got back to my research and finally found the perfect cupcake recipe. I made two batches and invited some friends over, so we made our own version of the Cupcake festival.

We had a great time eating cupcakes and listening to “The Scoots” new album. In the next post, I will review one of my favorite songs from that album. Peace out.