Ok…yes it sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen but I’m open to trying anything once (I’m using that term very loosely as this really only applies to desserts). After eating the “Cupcake Truffles” (thanks Scott!) from Yummy Cupcakes in LA, which are basically über moist cake balls dunked in frosting, I’m open to trying any variation of a cupcake. Having already ventured into the depths of deep fried desserts, with Twinkies, Twix bars, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups after seeing the Chip Shop in Brooklyn mentioned on Super Size Me (which ironically, did not turn me off of food, but rather turned me on to more exciting foods), who can resist the allure of a deep fried cupcake? Certainly not me. So next time I’m in Boston, I will consider it my duty to head on over to Kick Ass Cupcakes and try one of these sure to be delectable delicacies.