A man choked to death after gorging on cupcakes at a nightclub party in South Wales.

Adam Deeley, 34, collapsed after he began choking when five cupcakes got stuck in his throat.

Fellow revellers and nightclub staff tried to revive him, but were unable to clear his airways.

Deeley and a group of friends decided to stage a cupcake eating competition at the end of a party on Friday after discovering leftover buffet food.

“Quite a spread had been laid on and when the party finished there was quite a lot left over,” one guest told The Sun newspaper.

“Someone suggested seeing how quickly they could eat the mound of fairy cakes that were left. But suddenly someone started choking.”

As is cupcakes haven’t been villafied enough lately due to some school districts banning the sweet snacks because they “pose a direct threat to the health of children”. I suppose now they should be banned from adults as well? At least I’m not the only one who finds this whole situation hilarious…