“I make dirty ghetto-tech and lyrical dance music” is what Cerebral Vortex has used to describe his gritty version of electro rap. I actually couldn’t agree with him more, with grimy lyrics and heavy hitting drums, you can’t help but bounce. This is one artist I am really hoping to get to catch live, and I’m sure the folks at SXSW were very satisfied. Afterall, you can only expect a fun and exciting performance from a person who is a self-proclaimed “street hippie who just happens to love v-necks, skinny jeans and sleep with American Apparel models” Dirty, fun music…but you gotta love it. ;)
You can also catch this San Antonio native as on half of the hypebeast/street pop group “215: The Freshest Kidz”, who have a 12 inch coming out in April on UK based Stuff Records. He will also be self-releasing his EP “Fluorescent” sometime this year. Make sure you hit up his myspace for some other bangers as well. Oh and he has a nice message for the folks out there in the cyber space, “forget oreos…eat stereo cupcakes”. Gotta love shameless plugs!