I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for my high school buddies Pac Div. Coming fresh off a performance with Ludacris at the Pyramid in Long Beach, their week just keeps getting better with their video “F.A.T. Boys ’08″ being featured on the new mtvU Indie/undeground Hip-Hop show The Lab.

Not only are they proving that there is still good hip-hop in Cali, but they make it fun again. These guys don’t take themselves seriously talking about all the money, women, and cars that they have. Instead they fill their unique and entertaining live shows with funny skits, furry hunting hats stuffed with $1 bills, and even, a member of their entourage wearing a gorilla suit. So if your your looking for a group that just truly and genuinely enjoy having the opportunity to make music and share it with others, then these guys are for you.