It is still a little sureal for me to be talking about Pacific Division opening for the likes of Nas and Q-Tip. Before them I was a band geek that marched the sousaphone, was stuck listening to oldies, and new nothing what so ever about hip-hop. It wasn’t until I met Like in P.E. one day (kicking his ass in football by the way), that my outlook on music really started to transform. He, Mibbs, and BeYoung put me on to artists like Q-Tip, Nas, Common, and the group that really changed my life, Slum Village. So as a way to thank them, you can bet I’m going to be pitching them on here as much as possible, because I know without a doubt, I wouldn’t be here without them. Besides all that sentimental crap, they’re a damn good group, so check ‘em out!

Note: Tonights show has been moved from the Nokia Theater and will instead be at the Highline Ballroom.