First off I would like to apologize for the long absence….I was in the process of moving from Switzerland back to NY and time kind of got away from me.  Now I am back in the city that never sleeps and surrounded by new and exciting music so hopefully it will be much easier to get back on that horse.

Which I suppose is why I have chosen “White Horse” by Jessica 6 to start things off.  A couple months ago I ended up on a plane with these guys going from Zurich to Berlin.  Later that night, by complete chance, I happened to hit the same club they were performing at.  You only have to see these guys one time to get totally hooked, well at least that’s all it took for me.  Dizzying disco with groovy baselines and sultry vocals, it’s pretty much what I imagine a night at Studio 54 might have been like, well….minus the coke.

Check out their new album See the Light if you get the chance, def a good listen.  You might even find some funky hip hop/R&B tracks hidden in there.