Santogold and Sam Sparro are the albums I have been anticipating the most this year. Now with the release of Santogold’s self-titled album on Tuesday, I just have to wait for Mr. Sparro’s to drop here in the states. Not to worry though, I came across this video of him in the studio covering Estelle’s “American Boy” for the Radio 1 Live Lounge that will keep me tied over for awhile. In my mind he killed it…the arrangement is crazy catchy, with nothing but drums, bass, and a keyboard. Now compare his version to Estelle’s version, from the same Radio 1 Live Lounge, but it just isn’t cutting it for me. Maybe I’m biased since I don’t really care for her after some comments she made about Adele and Duffy, plus I just don’t think she has a great voice….but you be the judge. I wonder how long it will be before Estelle tires to say that Sam isn’t soulful enough or is not “her” music. In my opinion, judging from these two versions, Sam has more soul in his pinky finger than she will ever have.